Notice: GreyHaven is no longer organizing music events. See the home page for details


Who we are:

Grey Haven is a community of musicians in Birmingham, Alabama, US open to anyone who is interested in making good music with other creative people.

What we do:

Grey Haven hosts a music performance event at a local venue about once a quarter. At this event, 10 songwriters will perform 2 songs each with other musicians and songwriters in the community. To be notified about upcoming performances, sign up for our newsletter.

How to get involved:

Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send you an email prior to upcoming events requesting songwriters and musicians to sign up for that event. Of those that sign up, 10 songwriters will be chosen to perform 2 of their songs at the next event. (see guidelines for details) If you are a musician but not a songwriter, let us know that you want to play and we’ll send your info to the songwriters so that they may contact you if they can use your particular skills.


New songwriters must perform with an existing Grey Haven member. If you have performed as a songwriter or musician in the past, then you are a Grey Haven member.


Grey Haven is about community and collaboration between musical artists in the Birmingham area. To this end there are some guidelines for participation in Grey Haven events:

  • Every song must include musicians outside of the songwriter's usual band. This is to promote collaboration and keep Grey Haven from becoming a showcase of bands.
  • Every song must also include more than one performer. At least three performers are recommended for each song performance. This is to keep Grey Haven from becoming a showcase of solo singer/songwriters.


  • Almost every performance is recorded and posted on our website. By signing up to perform, you give permission to record and publish your portion of the performance.
  • There will usually be a run-through prior to the show. Songwriters and musicians who will be performing are expected to be there. This is a great time to polish up a song or find a musician to add last minute.